Learning the value of dialogue

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Table dialogue covering solidarity and personal responsibility
Table dialogue in conflicting values, inviting and allowing diversity

The first day of the Stockholm Dialogue that we refer to as A call for dialogue between the science of sustainability and values fully confirmed the importance and timeliness of this topic.  More than 30 people that included researchers, university professors, members of Jesuit social centres, and young students participated in an intense day in which words like challenge, solidarity, responsibility, communication, and diversity were discussed and examined closely. Read more


sustainability science and values, on a world at risk, and on inner life and simplicity
“Do we start to collaborate or just grab?”
Remembering the life and the land as we seek to keep the exchange open and creative
The Stockholm Dialogue is a response to what Pope Francis invites us into in Laudato si’ – a new dialogue, a social transformation towards a global agenda for social inclusion and Earth Care. Exploring the role of values in sustainability science provides an opportunity to assess how meaningful and sustainable social and ecological transformation can be brought about. Members of the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN)-Ecology entered into the second day of the Stockholm Dialogue to explore with members of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) the relationship between scientific objectivity and social urgency inherent in what we know as sustainability science – a science that emphasises and aims to put into practical action, the social transformation that embraces social inclusion and environmental integrity. Read more

Briefing Kit: Stockholm Dialogue 2015

"Learning the value of dialogue" table of contents

  1. Learning the value of dialogue
  2. Page 2
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